Radiographic Testing (RT)

Radiographic testing is a standardized non-destructive testing method for the detection of defects, such as cavities (pores, pore aggregates) and hard inclusions (slag, flux, or metal inclusions), in internal welds or in metal. This method is also referred to as radiographic control, radiographic method, radiography, and X-ray defectoscopy.

During such tests, the radiographic image of the test material is obtained using X-rays and Gamma rays, which reveals the slightest changes in thickness and tiniest defects (internal and external). The RT method enables detecting cracks, lack of fusion, and inadequate penetration in welds. However, the possibility of their detection depends on the height, shape, and direction of the defect. The Radiographic Method is applicable to metals and welds with a thickness between 1mm and 43mm.

Specialists of WESTERN CENTRAL LABORATORY use ERESCO and CONTROL EVO portable X-ray generators for radiographic testing.